Long-term Complications

Diabetes increases your risk for many serious health problems. But with proper management and follow-up many people with diabetes are able to prevent or delay the complications

The organ and systems affected include:

  • The nervous system with loss of pain sensation (neuropathy) or increased sensitivity to pain
  • The large blood vessels that increase your risk of stroke and heart attacks
  • Eye can be affected in several parts including the lens, retina and optic nerve. Untreated eye damage may lead to blindness
  • The kidney function becomes reduced with uncontrolled blood sugar and may reach total kidney failure
  • Foot problems can occur due to decreased blood circulation and nerve damage in the foot from leading to infections and amputation
  • Skin dryness increases as a result of high blood sugar and can lead to skin infections
  • Gum inflammation (known as gingivitis) can worsen with uncontrolled blood sugar and that is because bacteria flourishes in a high glucose medium

All of the above can be prevented by maintaining your glucose levels within target, regular follow up with your physician for timely screening tests and collaborative work with your educator, dietitian, foot specialist and other members of the medical team