Schools and Entities

QDA aims to spread the knowledge on this important issue to all Qatar communities, encourage them to commit to a healthier life and hence avoid type 2 diabetes.

Our awareness program is offered to various communities:

  • School students and personnel.
  • University faculty and students.
  • Work force including private and public institutions.
  • Various community groups and associations.

You can request an awareness activity at school or workplace by filling up the below form.

World Diabetes Day Activities

This year, QDA will organize #DiabetesWalkathon at Oxygen Park in Education city.

Day: Friday
Date: 10 Nov 2023
Gathering time: 02:00 PM
location: Oxygen Park – Education City

All schools and entities within Qatar, whether independent or private schools, whether private or governmental entities can participate in the World Diabetes Day Walkathon. If you would like to participate, download the below form, fill, scan and upload it in the field provided.

    PDF/Word/JPG: Max 2mb